Suffering from long covid?

What is long covid?

Since the pandemic began I have seen many sufferers of long covid struggling physically and mentally. A term coined by patients themselves, long covid describes the symptoms that continue or develop after the acute infection has passed, usually after 12 weeks of initial infection. The main long covid symptoms I have seen in my clients are fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness/tightness in chest, sleep issues, depression and anxiety.

As research is infant and ongoing there is a lot of uncertainty around how long these symptoms could last, some ranging from weeks/months/years to potentially lifelong. This is causing a lot of anxiety among those that are suffering with long covid symptoms as they are unsure how long it will last.

What is reflexology and how can it help?

Reflexology is a pressure point therapy applied through the feet and helps to support the body’s systems and organs by stimulating the central nervous system. Reflexology is used to promote healing and toxin release as well as deep relaxation for the body and mind, which all help to support the recovery process. I have been treating many people through their long covid journey’s and most have experienced an improvement in brain fog, sleep quality and anxiety levels have decreased after treatment. It’s been a really tough couple of years and giving yourself time to rest and recover is crucial.

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