A deeply relaxing pressure point therapy applied through the feet. It rebalances and detoxifies the body's systems and organs through stimulating the central nervous system. Beneficial for stress and anxiety, sleep issues, digestive issues, respiratory issues and third trimester of pregnancy - to name a few. I've also treated a number of people suffering with long covid symptoms. See the 'About Reflexology' page for more information. 

Holistic body massage 

A calming and holistic massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Using a range of Swedish and petrissage techniques with a blend of essential oils. Focuses on the whole body and particularly areas that hold stress. Calms your body and mind, great for stress relief and general tension.

Deep tissue massage/Trigger point therapy

The most popular style of massage, relieves tension deep into the muscles and connective tissues. Can be used by combining slow manual strokes with hands, forearms and elbows. Focuses on problem areas, often chronic. Trigger point therapy complements this style of massage, it requires pressure to be applied to contracted muscle fibres (knots) to deactivate them which relieves tension, pain and improves mobility.

Sports massage 

This massage differs slightly from deep tissue and trigger point therapy. This is for people that partake in regular exercise and/or are training for an event. This massage helps to prevent injury and includes stretching and mobilising the muscles. Focusing a little more on improving mobility in relation to the goal of the client and focuses on specific areas of repetitive use.  


I generally incorporate this into deep tissue/sports massage for those chronic problem areas alongside trigger point therapy. Cupping helps to promote blood flow to the specific area and get deeper into the fibres than manual therapy can, beneficial for chronic muscle tightness/pain, particularly in upper traps/back. Be aware that they may mark for up to 1-2 weeks. 

Hot/cold stone massage 

An incredibly soothing hot stone massage that will relax your muscles and mind. The perfect treatment to relieve stress and promote relaxation. The hot basalt volcanic stones are used in combination of thermotherapy, pressure points and massage to alleviate tension and restore a calm sense of wellbeing. The treatment is tailored to you so the appropriate pressure and points can be applied. Cold stones can be used on the face if the client is suffering from headaches/sinus issues or any area of the body that is inflamed from injury, the combination of hot and cold stones in this case is recommended. 

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage enables mums-to-be to be pampered and relieved of some of the strain pregnancy puts on the body, especially shoulders, hips and lower back. Having the client on their side or sat up enables me to treat without any discomfort to you or your baby.