Reflexology and pregnancy

I frequently treat women in the last few weeks of their third trimester. At this stage they are often uncomfortable, struggling to sleep, sluggish bowel, acid reflux and swollen ankles, desperate to get this baby out!

How can reflexology help? The symptoms mentioned above, to name but a few, can often be reduced. Muscles will relax, making the body more comfortable, which can aid easier movement and better sleep. The bowel and digestive system is stimulated and detoxification is encouraged through this pathway, helping to regulate bowel movements. The pressure points and massage techniques used will aid the circulatory and lymphatic system, which will help the body process and relieve the fluid around the ankles.

Can reflexology bring on labour? Many women say it does. The treatment helps to prepare your body's systems and improve function so they are working as well as they possibly can to support you during labour. However, the treatment will not encourage your body to do anything it’s not ready for. Because reflexology is deeply relaxing it will put you at ease, helping your body to calmly respond and engage with the birth of your baby.

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